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...the Main Market Square in Krakow is the biggest medieval urban space of its kind. It has the form of a square with dimensions 200 m x 200 m, which gives a total area of 40,000 m2.

Undoubtedly, it is also one of the oldest jewels of architecture in Poland. It was marked by mayors: Gedko Stilvoyt, Jakub from Nysa and Dytmar from Wroclaw, on the occasion of the conferral to the town of the municipal charter, based on the Magdeburg Law.

Did you know that "Kompania Kuflowa Sukiennice" restaurant has delicious warm snacks in its offer?

It isn't a joke, of course. This includes home-made dumplings in three Polish traditional flavours: stuffed with cottage cheese and potatoes, stuffed with cabbage and mushrooms, stuffed with meat.

This dish is very popular among the Guests because it tastes exactly the same as the one usually served in Polish homes. Hard to believe? Try it yourself. Subtle taste of the dough, which melts in your mouth combined with excellent filling which is the result of the collaboration of our managers and chefs make you ask for another portion.

In addition our Honourable Guests are tempted by the price of our home-made dumplings, this is why we invite you to try this typically Polish specialty. (lp)

It is one of the tastiest and best selling cold appetizers served in „Kompania Kuflowa Sukiennice” restaurant.

What makes it unique is a mosaic of cheeses: bryndza, Bulgarian cow cheese, dor blue, mountain cheese and camambert. It is served with fresh grapes, walnuts, lettuce, apricots and apples - a perfectly selected addition to this remarkable appetizer. And it is served on a special platter!

Our exceptional platter of cheeses tastes the best with such beverages as wheat bear or wine, which enhance the flavour. (lp)

He adopted the Christian religion in order to take over the Polish throne and thereby defeat the Teutonic Knights in 1410 at the battle of Grunwald, he strengthened the position of the Republic of Poland in the international arena.

However, before these achievements became real he had to challenge his uncle Kęstutis in Lithuania and only under the provisions of the Polish–Lithuanian alliance the Act of Kreva did he adopt the Catholic faith. Nevertheless the adoption of the widely prevailing religions in Europe became effective after one year. This allowed him to marry the King of Poland Jadwiga, who had already been engaged to William of Austria. This alliance allowed the Grand Duke of Lithuania to start a war against the State of the Teutonic Order, which happened to be the common denominator for both Poland and Lithuania.

One of the most important Polish kings, who contributed to a significant growth of the Republic of Poland?

One of the most important achievements, attributed to him during his reign was undoubtedly the founding of the Krakow Academy (1360) which was later renamed the Jagiellonian University (1817) - the name it kept to present times. It is considered to be the oldest Polish university and is placed among the oldest and the most prestigious world's universities.